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Santa Rosa

Victor Treatment Centers & North Valley School

Victor Treatment Centers and North Valley School in Santa Rosa is located in the scenic Sonoma County, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills covered with vineyards and other agricultural acreage. While we are located in Sonoma County, we serve Counties, SELPAs and School Districts across California and accept referrals from all counties.

The city of Santa Rosa is a thriving community with many civic activities, events, and governmental resources. Our program provides Intensive Residential Treatment & Specialty Mental Health services for mentally ill youth who otherwise would require more restrictive and costly care in a state hospital setting or some other intensively supervised setting. Most of the children and adolescents who come to our treatment facility have experienced multiple placement failures and are the most resistive to treatment. The primary objective is for each youth to reach his/her optimal level of functioning and return to their family or other appropriate less restrictive setting in the community.

Click on the links below to view NVS Santa Rosa's School Accountability Report Card (SARC), the current School Calendar and the COVID-19 Guidelines and Protection Plan:

Victor Treatment Centers
341 Irwin Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
United States
(707) 576-7218

North Valley Schools
3164 Condo Court
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
United States
(707) 523-2334