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San Bernardino

Victor Treatment Centers & Victor Community Support Services, San Bernardino

The VCSS and VTC San Bernardino program is located in the expansive county of San Bernardino, but is centrally located in the city itself. The office site includes expansive offices, therapy rooms, child and family meeting rooms with home-like furnishings, large open rooms that can be utilized for staff and community workshops, forums, and other important activities. It is located within close proximity to public transportation and all of the primary freeways of the county.

Our agency is also licensed by Los Angeles County to provide Foster Care and Adoption Services.

The wide array of services we offer for resource/foster families and adoption services can be found by visiting, by clicking on the image, or calling our Pomona office at (909) 766-7060.

Our program provides an incredible support system for families who want to open their home to a foster child or are interested in permanent adoption. Our mission for the Foster Family Agency is to Connect Children and Teenagers with Caring Families. If you have any interest in becoming a foster parent visit our website dedicated to FFA information and services. We would love to meet you!

1908 Business Ctr. Dr., Suite 220
San Bernardino, CA 92408
United States
(909) 890-5930