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Victor Community Support Services, Chico

Victor Community Support Services, Chico provides specialty mental health services to youth and families all over Butte County. Butte County is just over an hour north of Sacramento, nestled in the valley and foothills. Butte County is the home of Bidwell Park, which is one of the largest city parks in the United States, spectacular outdoor recreation, as well as Table Mountain in Oroville, which is made up of two prominent basaltic mesas and named for its flat surface, like a table top.

Victor Community Support Services, Chico has been serving the community since 2004 as an outpatient provider; we primarily see families in their homes, schools, out in the community and most recently through Telehealth. The place of service depends on the needs of each family. We focus heavily on collaboration and continuity of care within systems any family might be involved with. We have a staff of highly trained therapists and paraprofessionals to assist each family on their own unique journey.

To learn more about VCSS Chico, please contact our site directly. The downloadable PDF below is a quick glance at a few highlights from our program over the past several years. We value the responsibility we have to be of service to the children and families of Butte County and look forward to meeting you.

1360 East Lassen Avenue
Chico, CA 95973
United States
(530) 267-1700

Table Mountain
Photo Credit: Jennifer Lyon
Bidwell Park in Chico CA
Photo credit: Jennifer Lyon

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